Press Bulletin Nro.21


10 and 11 April, Supersolidaria in San José del Guaviare

Bogotá D.C. April 04, 2013

Between 10 and 11 April, the Superintendence of the solidary Economy will move to San José de el Guaviare to perform an institutional session of Decentralized Supervision of integral character to the Department of Guaviare.

In developing of his program of expansion of coverage of services, managers and officials of the Superintendence, charged of monitoring to the cooperatives, funds of employees and mutual, will develop an extensive program of inspection, instruction, care consultation and receipt of financial information to the supervised entities in the region.

"With the Decentralized Supervision Sessions we want ensure a better organizational performance, update their members on the new accounting and financial standards and open a new space of interaction with the solidary sector in the region," said the Superintendent of the Solidary Economy, Enrique Valencia Montoya.

The Monitoring Decentralized Institutional Session will have four fronts of activities. One of them is the meeting with representatives of the solidary organizations, between cooperatives and funds of employees in the region, directly convened by the Superintendence to analyze the specific situation of each organization and to formulate plans to improvement that will ensure a better business management. Simultaneously, other open activities will made witch can participate  managers, members of the bodies of social control, associates and employees of organizations and all peoples interested in this sector of the national economy.

The session opens to the public and includes conferences on international standards of financial reporting, system of credit risk management end the presentation of the Guide to Good Governance. Will be held in the Auditorium of Facredig located in the Carrera 23 Nro. 9-76.

Likewise, during the two days, the Superintendence will make in service a module of care queries, requests, complaints and claims, and a center of technical support and receipt of reports of financial statements for entities that have doubts about your shipment or have not done so in a timely manner. These sessions will take place at the headquarters of Facredig.

The detail of the programming is available on the website

This meeting with the solidary sector of Guaviare will count with the presence of the Superintendent, Enrique Valencia Montoya; the Superintendent delegate for the Supervision of the associative form of cooperative, Juan Alberto Cortés; the Superintendent delegate of the financial activity, Edgar Eduardo Pinto and four officials of the Superintendence.

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