Press Bulletin Nro.33


Massive participation of the solidary sector in Bogotá

InSession of decentralized Supervisionthat was held from 19 to 21 June in Gonzalo Jiménez de Quesada Convention Center, attended academic meetings and inspection more than 600 representatives of the solidary sector.

The Superintendent of the Solidary Economy, Enrique Valencia Montoya, installed the decentralized Supervision session and said: "The aim of our management is committed to protect the interests of members and the community, building trust and strengthening the sector as an alternative to social and economic development of Colombia. We have as a challenge to promote the revision of the regulation applicable to the sector and strengthening of the internal structure and technological resources of the entity."

Likewise, in the event of installation, intervened Clemencia Dupont, Executive President of Confecoop; Jairo Alonso Berón Zea, corporate President of Analfe and the Superintendent Enrique Valencia, who recommended the managers of cooperatives, employees funds and mutual from the capital to strengthen corporate governance and good practices of management in these organizations, as well as the joint efforts from the business integration to continue the construction of a sustainable solidary sector.

"Since the autonomy of organizations and with the support of public institutionally, we must guide our management to achieve a common purpose: to reaffirm the democratic, participatory, equitable and solidary identity of the sector to increase their participation in economic and social development of the country", said Superintendent Valencia Montoya.
The Institutional Session of Decentralized Monitoring in Bogota included several fronts of activities: an academic agenda and of instruction where were treated topics about international standards of financial reporting, management risk systems for credit, and Good Governance; a workshop on the Management Risk System of Credit and Corporate Governance, and presentation of the poll " organizational Strengths and Government" performed by Fogacoop.
On the other hand, the Superintendence supervisors met with representatives of cooperatives, funds of employees and mutual associations, convened to make follow up to its management.
In addition, during the three days of the Session, it was on service a module for care queries, requests, complaints and claims, and a technical support center for the report of financial statements of the entities that had doubts about your shipment or had not done so in a timely manner.


Based to the figures reported to date by solidary organizations under the supervision of the Superintendence of the Solidary Economy, the solidary sector of Bogotá, registers 1762 organizations of the 5.453 that have been reported so far financial information in the country.

Together, these companies registered assets by 8.291.476 million pesos; the portfolio sum 4.678.866 million; the deposits exceed the 2.343.415; the social capital 2.213.344 million; the surplus, 156.427 million and the revenues, 4.473.221 million. The solidary sector of Bogota associated to 1.663.708 people and generates 44.877 jobs.

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