Press Bulletin Nro.24


Department of Huila

·         Technical supervision and modernization of the model of supervision with a risk-based approach, challenges of the Superintendency.
·         Presentation of the Good Governance Guide for the organizations supervised by the Superintendence of the Economy.


Neiva, 25 April 2013

As part of the strategy ofexpansion of coverage of services of the Superintendence, culminated the institutional session of Decentralized Supervision of integral character to the Department of Huila.

In the Act of installation of the session the Superintendent Enrique Valencia Montoya recommended that representatives of the solidary sector work for greater governance, to the institutional capitalization of the companies, to encourage greater involvement of partners in the management of enterprises and to further professionalize the ruling class through adequate training of partners. "If these recommendations are addressed we’ll going to ensure the reliability and sustainability of solidarity organizations, the sector will be more competitive and achieve greater participation and competitiveness in the market," said Superintendent Valencia.

The Superintendent announced that in the year 2013 the Superintendence of the Solidary Economy will be a review and reform of the Legal Basic Circular in order to strengthen the prevention of money laundering and financing of terrorism among other issues.

The session open to the public included lectures on international standards of financial reporting,  management of credit and risk system, and the presentation of the Guide to Good Governance for the organizations supervised by the Superintendence of the solidary economy, which aims to give partners, managers, administrators, organs of control and surveillance of solidary organizations, an instrument of internal rules, whose application may mitigate, minimize and/or control the risks inherent in making decisions; as also improve relations between partners, administrative bodies surveillance and control, and users of the services provided by organizations in the solidary sector.

“The call to the organizations of the country is to take it as a guide and going from theory to practice implementing the Code of Good Governance to the inside of each solidary organization. Although the guide is not mandatory, is expected that in the assemblies in the year 2014, the supervised to adopt Codes of Good Governance. Said Superintendent Valencia Montoya in the supervisory session which was held in the Auditorium of the Bank of the Republic on April 25.

Based on figures reported to date by the solidary organizations under the supervision of the Superintendence of the Solidary Economy, the solidary sector of Huila recorded 68 organizations, of the 4.262 that have been reported so far in nationwide financial information.

Together, these companies registered assets by $617.574 million pesos; the portfolio sum $406.308 million; the deposits the 243.139 million and revenues $611.658 million. The solidary sector of the Department associated to 307.364 people and generates 1.120 jobs.

                 Figures in million pesos

Entities 68
Active 617.574.132.778
Heritage 256.086.990.789
Income 611.658.263.792
Surplus 22.213.376.333
Portfolio 406.308.510.205
Deposits 243.139.791.452
Partners 307.364
Jobs 1.120

The decentralized Supervision session also featured with a meeting of inspection with the institutions convened by the Superintendence to make follow-up to management.

Also, was at the service of the representatives of the solidarity organizations of the region and the community in general a care consultation center citizen, as well a module for receipt of reports of financial statements for entities that have doubts about your shipment or have not done so in a timely manner.

The decentralized Supervision session to the Department of Huila was between April 25 and 26 in the Auditorium of the Bank of the Republic was also attended by the director of the Special Administrative Unit of solidary organizations, Luis Eduardo Otero Coronado and the executive director of Asocoph Israel Silva Guarnizo. 

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