Press Bulletin Nro.37


It took office as Superintendent of the Solidary Economy, to the Minister of Finance and Public Credit, Mauricio Cardenas the Wednesday, July 3.

As Public Municipal and Regional Administrator of the Superior School of Public Administration, ESAP whit majoring in Public Government of the University of Medellín will be responsible in front of monitor the legal nature and activity of the companies of Solidary Economy. The new Superintendent has broad experience in the public sector in administrative areas.

Londoño Herrera, was leader of the Administrative Unit Program of the Mayor of Medellin, in the Department of planning; Advisory with Coordinator functions of the Presidential Agency for Social Partnership and International Cooperation; Manager Assistant Administrative and Financial of the Urban Development enterprise; Head of the Administrative Unit of the Environment Secretariat of the municipality of Medellín; Chief of the Office of Internal Control of the General Comptroller of Medellín; General Secretary and sub secretariat of the Council of Medellín; among others.

In addition, is co-author of the book: "Internal Control a Management Tool" and received distinctions how better employed of the Council of Medellín in 1989 and better employed of the Treasury of Revenue in 1993.

The new Superintendent of the Solidary Economy comes to the direction of this agency in order to reaffirm confidence of the solidary sector among the partners of more than 6,000 solidary organizations throughout the country. On the subject said: "From the Superintendence, the purpose is closer to the partners to ensure the proper functioning of cooperatives, employees found and mutual from the correct application of the rules that govern to the advice on self-control and inspection".

In addition, added: "one of the greatest challenges is reaffirming the sector as one of the most important pillars of the economy and obtain it through their participation in the national institutions".

The possession of the Superintendent Londoño Herrera was carried out on July 3 in the Office of the Minister of Finance and Public Credit, Mauricio Cardenas Santamaria.

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