Press Bulletin Nro.28



 Popayán, on May 28, 2013

The Superintendence of the Solidary Economy made the sixth institutional session of decentralized supervision of the year for the Department of Cauca.

In the Act of installation of the session in Popayán, the Superintendent Enrique Valencia Montoya presented the vision of work of the institution for the coming years.

For the cooperatives of savings and credit, and employees funds and mutual that they manage public resources, is working on a supervision scheme risks so that these entities to implement systems of management and control of risks and in international standards of financial reporting and auditing in the guarded sector. On this issue, the Superintendent said: "our goal is to begin to evolve the Administration for risks in the organizations in the sector of the solidary economy based on the existing regulation".

Also in 2013 the Superintendence of the Solidarity Economy will made a review and reform to the Legal Basic Circular to strengthen the prevention of money laundering and financing of terrorism among other issues.

Likewise, the Superintendent urged to the representatives of the solidary sector of Cauca to work for greater governance, to encourage greater involvement of partners in the management of the companies and to professionalize the ruling class through adequate training of partners.

In 2012 the Superintendence of the Solidary Economy developed together with the German Confederation of cooperatives - DGRV a Guide of Good Government for the organizations supervised by the Superintendence of the Solidary Economy, with the objective of providing partners, managers, administrators, organs of control and surveillance of the solidary organizations, an instrument of internal rules, whose application can mitigate, minimize and/or control the risks inherent in making decisions; as also, improve relations between partners, organs of administration, monitoring and control, and users of the services provided by the organizations in the solidary sector. "The call to the organizations is taking it as a guide and going from theory to practice implementing the Code of Good Governance to the inside of each Solidary Organization. Although the guide is not mandatory, expected that in the assemblies in the year 2014 the supervised to adopt codes of good ". Said Superintendent Valencia Montoya on the session of decentralized supervision aimed at representatives of the solidary sector of Cauca.

Based on figures reported to date by the solidarity organizations under the supervision of the Superintendence of the Solidary Economy, the solidary sector of Cauca recorded 67 organizations, of the 5.544 that have reported your financial information.

The solidary sector of Cauca recorded assets by 96.686 million pesos; the portfolio sum 42.317 million, the deposits exceed the 9.137 million; surpluses 1.803 million and incomes 171.821 million. The solidary sector of the Department associated to 13.563 people and generates 434 jobs.

The session of monitoring decentralized in Popayán was held on 28 and 29 may, was also included an inspection meeting with entities convened by the Superintendence to make follow-up to the management.

He was at the service of the representatives of solidarity organizations of the region and the community in general a care center of citizen consultation.

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