Communicated to the public


The Superintendence of Solidary Economy, advises to the organizations under our supervision and the community in general that NO is endorsing, presenting or promoting directly or indirectly the marketing or sale of a compulsory acquisition of software, such as not selling copies of rules, resolutions or administrative acts issued by this entity.

The general rules governing the sector, as well as the circulars and resolutions issued by this entity can be consulted in the web page, Normatividad menu, or can be requested at our facilities or by email.

The Superintendence, by express law, not delegated to any third party the functions indicated in the law. Therefore, any natural or legal person is authorized to present proposals, projects, patterns, or others, in the name of the entity.

In case of any suspicious situation, we asked to report it immediately to the Superintendence, located in the Carrera 7ª No. 31 - 10 of Bogotá, PBX 489 50 09, toll free 01 8000 511737 from other cities of the country or order to put it to the attention of the competent authorities.






Senia D.