This module lets you create forms or questionnaires and define their content. Submissions from these forms are stored in the database and optionally also sent by e-mail to a predefined address.

Here is how to create one:

  • Opcional: Habilite Webform en múltiples tipos visitando la página Configuración de Webform.
  • Go to Create content and add a Webform piece of content.
  • After saving the new content, you will be redirected to the main field list of the form that will be created. Add the fields you would like on your form.
  • Once finished adding fields, you may want to send e-mails to administrators or back to the user who filled out the form. Click on the Emails sub-tab underneath the Webform tab on the piece of content.
  • Finally, visit the Form settings sub-tab under the Webform tab to configure remaining configurations options for your form.
    • Add a confirmation message and/or redirect URL that is to be displayed after successful submission.
    • Set a submission limit.
    • Determine which roles may submit the form.
    • Advanced configuration options such as allowing drafts or show users a message indicating how they can edit their submissions.
  • Your form is now ready for viewing. After receiving submissions, you can check the results users have submitted by visiting the Results tab on the piece of content.

Help on adding and configuring the components will be shown after you add your first component.