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Proporciona un método para que los módulos puedan crear automáticamente alias de URLs del contenido que gestionan.


Máxima longitud de alias y componentes
The maximum alias length and maximum component length values default to 100 and have a limit of 255 from Pathauto. This length is limited by the length of the "alias" column of the url_alias database table. The default database schema for this column is 255. If you set a length that is equal to that of the one set in the "alias" column it will cause problems in situations where the system needs to append additional words to the aliased URL. You should enter a value that is the length of the "alias" column minus the length of any strings that might get added to the end of the URL. The length of strings that might get added to the end of your URLs depends on which modules you have enabled and on your Pathauto settings. The recommended and default value is 100.